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Miami Real Estate Forecast 2024

Miami Real Estate Forecast 2024

🏡 Home Prices Expected to Climb Moderately

Home prices in Miami are projected to continue rising, but at a more moderate pace than we've seen in recent years. According to recent forecasts:

  • Q3 2024: +2.8%
  • Q4 2024: +4.6%
  • Annual increase: +5.8%

This steady increase is a positive sign for sellers and investors, suggesting that the market is stabilizing and becoming more predictable. This trend is expected to balance the market, allowing for sustainable growth without the sharp spikes that can deter buyers.

📉 Mortgage Rates Forecast to Come Down Slightly

There’s good news for potential buyers too. Mortgage rates, which have been a concern for many, are forecasted to decline slightly as inflation pressures ease. Here's what the projections look like:

  • Q3 2024: 6.20% (Fannie), 6.70% (NBA), 6.80% (NAR)
  • Q4 2024: 6.05% (Fannie), 6.75% (NBA), 6.67% (NAR)

Lower mortgage rates will enhance affordability, making it easier for buyers to enter the market or upgrade their homes. This change could stimulate demand and lead to a more dynamic market.

🏘️ Home Sales Are Projected to Hold Steady

Despite the price increases, the number of home sales is expected to remain steady through the end of the year, similar to 2023 levels. Forecasts for total home sales in 2024 indicate:

  • Q3 2024: 4.9 million units
  • Q4 2024: 5.0 million units

This stability in home sales suggests a balanced market where supply meets demand without significant fluctuations. For buyers and sellers, this means a more predictable environment in which to make real estate decisions.


Overall, the Miami real estate market in the second half of 2024 is expected to experience moderate price increases, slightly lower mortgage rates, and steady home sales. For anyone looking to buy, sell, or invest in Miami, this is a promising outlook. Whether you're navigating the market as a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, these trends highlight opportunities for growth and stability.

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